Christmas/New Year Opening times

Xmas opening times

Have a look at when we are open over Christmas and New Year...

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know, we're closed some of the days over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Here's a list of the days we'll be open and closed;

  • Thursday 20th December = OPEN
  • Friday 21st December = OPEN
  • Saturday 22nd December = OPEN
  • Sunday 23rd December = OPEN
  • Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve) = CLOSED
  • Tuesday 25th December = (Christmas Day) = CLOSED
  • Wednesday 26th December = CLOSED
  • Thursday 27th December = CLOSED
  • Friday 28th December = CLOSED
  • Saturday 29th December = CLOSED
  • Sunday 30th December = CLOSED
  • Monday 31st December (New Years Eve) = CLOSED
  • Tuesday 1st January = (New Years Day) = CLOSED
  • Wednesday 2nd January = OPEN - BACK TO NORMAL OPENING TIMES

We will be open again as usual on Wednesday 2nd January onwards.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Bee x

Written by Lindsay Bee, on 18th Dec 2018

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